Once used to add a bright pop to an outfit, metallics are taking on a new and possibly more mature role this winter. You can find just about anything metallic, especially when thinking about the recent surge of silver footwear, handbags and even outerwear. Stylish ladies were pairing their metallic skirts, with metallic moto jackets, tops and bags, and somehow not ending up looking like Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. This season, metallics take a muted approach in the effort of avoiding the Silver Surfer look. Pairing your silver metallics with simple greys and whites creates an effortless monochromatic look without the glare. With trendy silhouettes being added to the metallic gear arsenal, you can make a super chic or laid-back outfit that reflects most popular styles today. For your winter metallic look take a silver drop waist skirt and pair it with a simple grey top. The grey will lessen the brightness of the metallic skirt and create a muted look. This way the silver is toned down a few notches and leaves room for fun accessories. Check out some of our suggestions for winter metallics! When wearing a boxy grey top with your metallic skirt, the simplicity of the look allows you to get creative with accessories like glasses and handbags as well as embellishments. Check out our title photo for an example.

 Here, a metallic skirt is paired with a grey sweater and a white under shirt. Once again, the grey and white neutralize the skirt’s brightness.  Here, the snake skin metallic skirt is paired with a simple grey sweatshirt, once again neutralizing the brightness of the skirt. To keep your look muted from head to toe, go with a pair of shoes that are nude, grey, white or black. This will create a slick and simple outfit with tons of sass. We suggest adding the MIA Addison in taupe or black to complete your head to toe look. 

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