Our Story

MIA Shoes

At MIA Shoes, we aim to bring a casual lifestyle and cool-girl vibe to all of those who follow our brand.

Based in Miami with a showroom in New York City, our designers are inspired by the spirit of the Caribbean as well as by exotic destinations around the world.

Established in 1976

and celebrating our 43rd anniversary, MIA offers fashion-forward-footwear to women of all ages.

Dating back to 1976 and the disco era of clogs and bell bottoms, MIA has reintroduced the anatomic FSC* certified Swedish Clog with added features that include elevated heels, lug bottoms, and feminine leg wraps.

Always in tune with what’s trending, the recent fascination with athleisure footwear has prompted our designers to merge tried and true styles with sport bottoms for the girl on the go.

43+ Year History

Always in tune with what’s trending


In an age when almost everything is disposable, we take pride in our vegan-friendly styles that respect the environment and the well being of all living creatures. Blending native and exotic cultures to create footwear that trancends the basic, we make sure that our customers take home a little bit of paradise with every pair of MIA Shoes.

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