Everyone very well knows that you can tell a lot about a woman from the shoes she tends to wear. However, what people don’t realize is that each heel has a particular name. In fact, every heel that is designed and manufactured follows the basic rules of what constitutes as its own style.  And because you’re now bound to be riddled with MUST-HAVE shoes for Fall’18, today we’re breaking down their names so that you can feel informed when making your next soleful purchase. And while you might know your stilettos from your slingbacks, can you name that circular-looking heel on those new wrap-up kitten-heels? Here’s hoping that after today you will be able to expertly describe the silhouette you're looking! Mules While MULES often incorporate characteristics from its fellow pumps, its most recognizable trait is that they’re always backless. Even though they can often be designed with a sky high silhouette or even a chunkier heel the rule of thumb is: if you’re slipping them on, it’s a mule! KittenHeels Meoooow over because KITTEN HEELS are currently all the rage! Perfect for those who prefer a shorter, more narrow heel, these provide just the right amount of height while alluding a certain touch of femininity. Add an athletic detail to update your everyday heel classic. WEdges Step up your style game with WEDGE heels! Designed on a curved shape, they’re constructed on a single piece of material that serve as both the heel and the sole. Slingback For those who don’t feel 100% comfortable in backless mules, opt for the SLINGBACK! Varying in heel heights, these offer a bit more stability for everyday wear. ConeHeels Wider at the top and thinnest at the bottom, CONE HEELS are a particular silhouette often found on boots and booties; however, with kitten heels on the rise, expect to see this shape grow in popularity come Fall’18. Your comfortable and go-to everyday heel for the crisp weather. Platforms Looking to put yourself on a pedestal? Then opt for a sky-high PLATFORM! Easily recognizable for its thick base under the sole, it’s a key style for elongating the entire silhouette. AnkleStraps Fashionable as it is functional, ANKLE STRAP HEELS can come in a variation of styles; and while heel heights and shapes differentiate across the spectrum, its main characteristic is the functional strap round the ankle that gives the wear a bit more support. FrenchHeels Quite the rare sighting is the FRENCH HEEL, also commonly referred to as ‘Louis’ heels; dating back to the 1700’s, this recognizable style is best defined by its curvy shape; chunky and wide at the base while showcasing an extremely cinched center.  BlockHeels The comfiest of them all - at least we like to think so! BLOCK HEELS are fashion’s own little support system thanks to their chunkier-set heels, giving fashionistas a reason to go ga-ga over them every time. Get these in a fun color to give your everyday heel some edge.Flatform Described as having equal height throughout the silhouette, the FLATFORM has grown in popularity over the past few seasons and continues to be a go-to style during the warmer months of the year. Peeptoes PEEK-A-TOE, we see you! As its name says, let your toes do all the flirting with this classic go-to style.  Commonly seen on a sky high-stiletto or even every day mules, the peep-toe is a great way of jazzing up an outfit simply by showing off a perfectly polished pedicure. Sculptural Channeling serious art vibes, SCULPTURAL HEELS come in unique shapes and heights. Taking the ordinary and making them extraordinary, designer houses and brands today are continuously re-imaging the unconventional into modern works of art. StackedHeels What appears to be just a wooden design, the STACKED HEEL compromises of multiple layers within; this gives it that extra secure, even sturdier design. Perfect for the girl who is on-the-go, get these to add to your everyday heel range.  Tstraps Easily recognizable from its silhouette, T-STRAP HEELS had their moment throughout the roaring 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s and are back on the catwalks for an encore. Just as feminine and flirty as they once were, they’re an enchanting silhouette for the modern day woman. Stiletto And last, straight to the point; the STILETTO is usually a closed toe silhouette featuring a slim, sharp pointed heel that extends to four inches high (or more!).  Although its existence dates back to the 1940’s, this iconic style has been beautifully modernized by iconic designers like Ferragamo, Roger Vivier, and even Christian Louboutin.  

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