With another winter readily behind us, the MIAteam is ready to start daydreaming about Spring! And while there’s plenty to look forward to, it’d be impossible to list everything on our wish list for the upcoming season. So today we’re just breaking down five key trends for S/S’18 and how you can incorporate them into your everyday looks.


What would Spring be without everyone’s favorite ice-cream hues. And although Ultra Violet was named Pantone’s Color of the Year, it’s no surprise that pastel-tinted variations would appear of the same color. Exploding from pale yellows to soft greens, it will be near to impossible to avoid serious envy with such tempting eye-candy. For more style inspo on how to incorporate these soft hues to your wardrobe, check out The Art Of Pastels TrenchDressing How do you get yourself out of a fashion emergency? Throw a trench on it! Whether it’s tight and tailored or you prefer something a bit more loose and deconstructed, it’s a style-saver when in a pinch. For more style inspo on which silhouette is more to your liking, check out The Art Of The Trench. Rainbow For those of you (like me) who cower to no hue, this will be your season to outshine! For this spring, it’ll be all about the brighter, all the more better! From solid primary colors through to neon accents, get ready to give your wardrobe an electric volt of vividness as you channel your inner Rainbow Brite and ride the colorway! For more inspo on how to style more than three colors, check out The Art Of Color Blocking. Slip Slip into something uber cozy this coming season - literally; popular on and off the runways, we witnessed the revival of the ever, so sexy slip dress.  Trending amongst the fashion elite, these ever so silky silhouettes are are now being styled with athletic sneakers and more feminine flats than anything else. Feeling a bit over exposed? Pair them with with an oversize knit cardigan or complimentary trousers. Need a little help on how to style your slip dress, check out The Art Of Pajama-ing. Ethereal If there ever was a season for feeling more like a fairy spirit in soft, gauze-like fabrics, its 2018! The time has come to bare it all and transparent dressing is taking off. From full fledge maxi-dresses to sheer-like shift dresses and oversized tops, get ready to channel your inner most princess for this dreamy approach to day dressing. Dying to go sheer but need a little boast in how to keep it classy, check out The Art of Baring It All. DarkDenimDays Get ready for a denim-takeover because the blue-hued textile shows no shortage of slowing down.  In fact, this season everyone’s favorite fabric takes a cool step backward, and into darker territory.  Whether you’re looking to keep it in the same toned-family or opt for breaking it up with different shades of blue and navy, its clear we’ll all be keeping the blues around for another season. For more ideas on how to mix up your favorite denim, check out The Art of Denim.    

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