Is St. Patrick’s Green really not your thing? Or maybe you’re just tired of the same old head-to-toe emerald green get-up you sport every year and are ready for some change? Take the trendy route this year and opt for a more distressed green with a military-inspired outfit. Don’t worry about losing the St. Patty’s Day spirit, there’s enough green beer and corned beef with cabbage for that. Cuffed cargo Pants: Rock the silhouette of the moment with a pair of cuffed cargos in military green. You can store your golden coins in the spacious pockets for when you get lucky. Military Jacket: Chilly night? A sleek bomber jacket in olive adds the perfect touch of “Cool Girl Chic” to any outfit, especially on a night like this. Dresses: Take a more feminine approach to your outfit with a moss green military dress, an excellent choice for a last minute meet-up at the bar. Can’t forget to complete your look with a pair of shoes! Choose a pair with simple embellishments like raffia, metallic detailing or intricate stitching. Check out our picks, the MIA Coty, Zeppelin, Ziggy and Tracy for a perfect fit!

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