Slip-on sneakers are very much on trend. The MIA Corklynn is a casual and sporty version of a loafer or lace less flat oxford that provide both comfort and style. clothing provided by: // image image Slip-on sneakers are available in a variety of materials and patterns. Most of the toe-boxes are round, but some have a pointy toe and the occasional metal toe cap. Some styles have black soles, but usually shown are chunky styles in shades of white. image Forget flip-flops! These comfy MIA Corklynn slip-on sneakers are the shoes of the season. They are perfect with boyfriend jeans, especially with styles that are cropped a little shorter. They look great with slouchy cargo pocket pants and khakis that are rolled at the hem. They can also be worn with shorts like the ones above for only $14 or skirts and straight legs. image - See more at:

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