We're at the peak of summer and ready to take off to the tropics. What will you pack for your weekend getaways? MIA Shoes is giving you the scoop on key trends and monthly musts. Check out a few of the trends you must-have this summer. Monthly Musts4

This seasons key trends are all here... Get the summer look at MIA Shoes.

Monthly Musts42

Start dressing from the bottom up and wrap up your look! These lust-worthy leg wraps are great for any kind of breezy look.

1. The MIA Beckie

2. The MIA Renata

3. The MIA Charita artisanalWith the pom pom trend making its mark, comes along the rest of the artisan inspired movement. Embellishments, charms, and tassels are coming in full force.

1. The MIA Belissa

2. The MIA Reanna

3. The MIA Dulcia Monthly Musts44

Keep it comfy, classic, and cool with an updates flip flop. Macrame, rope bottoms, and shell embellishments have elevated your average thong sandal.

1. The MIA Nazar

2. The MIA Neomi

3. The MIA Nefeli

*Did we mention they're water poof?

Check out the rest of the monthly must haves at MIA Shoe.

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