The holiday season is definitely here and with that comes traveling to see family, friends and loved ones. Whether you’re hopping on a plane, train, bus or in a car, you’ll want to feel comfortable from head to toe while still looking fabulous, especially in a pair of MIA Shoes. Every travel outfit should have two basic elements. First, the look should be comfortable enough to sit in for an extended period of time, especially if your method of travel will take a few hours getting you to your destination. Second, your look should immediately give an amazing first impression upon your arrival. Check out some of our suggestions for stylish pieces that still provide desired comfort while traveling! Blazers are not only versatile in style but also in providing warmth. Whether you’re headed to a warm or cold location for the holidays, you’ll want to have a blazer on hand to feel just right in case the temperature drops or skyrockets. This can be especially true if you’re traveling on a plane, train or bus with excessively cold air-conditioning. Opt for a stylish and sleek blazer with a denim shirtdress. When traveling, you’ll want to avoid bulky clothes as much as you can due to limited space and heavy luggage. You should also pick clothing that make carrying heavy luggage easier. Here we paired the blazer and denim dress combo with the MIA Limited Edition Pixiee for an easy-going travel outfit. Jeans are a go-to for almost any and everything casual. Dark-colored printed jeans keep the casual feeling of jeans but also add an extra flair to your travel style. Remember, the goal is to arrive in style without sacrificing comfort. You can pair your printed jeans with a plain top and parka jacket or oversized cardigan. Dark printed jeans aren’t just easy to wear with almost anything, they’re also better at hiding stains from the inevitable soda spill that always seems to happen when you’re sitting in the middle seat on a plane. Or is that just us? Check out our printed jeans travel look below with the MIA Ballerina flat. Tired of spending time unlacing your sneakers while in the security check line at the airport? Slip-on sneakers are comfortable, versatile and easy to remove or put on. Getting through airport security in a breeze is one step easier with a pair of slip-on sneakers like our MIA Corklynn. You can wear the MIA Corklynn with just about anything. You can see it in the picture below paired with trendy “trouser sweatpants.” Recently sweatpants have taken a more sophisticated role in everyday fashion. They’re even being worn with heels! Check out our tips for the MIA Corklynn and “trouser sweats.” To effectively execute the “trouser sweatpants” look, your sweatpants should gather at the ankle, creating a silhouette similar to skinny jeans or cigarette pants. To make your sweats more sophisticated, wear a boxy button-down top and seal the deal with a moto jacket. Here, we chose a moto jacket in the color of the season, merlot, and coordinated it with our MIA Corklynn of the same color. Remember to keep the two basic travel style elements in mind when getting ready for your holiday trip. Your footwear plays a huge role in not only completing your outfit but providing comfort throughout the hustle and bustle of your trip. Need a new pair of comfy shoes to amplify your holiday travel style? Get them just in time for the holidays at! Get free two-day shipping on all orders over $100 until Sunday, December 21. Pick up your travel style shoes and a few last minute gifts today

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