One of the most important and favorite days of the year, especially here at MIA Shoes, is swiftly approaching…Mother’s Day! Truthfully, we think Mother’s Day should be a week-long or even month-long celebration, especially since moms are superheroes in every single way. Think of all the times Mom tended to your scrapes and bruises or the many occasions she let you eat cookie dough before dinner. How about all the times she wiped your tears or gave you a few words of encouragement when you needed it most? This Mother’s Day, join MIA Shoes in showing Mom some love by entering for a chance to win a pair of MIA Shoes for you and your mom! It’s simple!
  1. Take a photo of you and your mom showing us your smiles (of course) and styles!
  2. Upload your photo here or submit it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #MIAShoesForMom
  3. Share this contest with friends and vote for your favorite photo because the picture with the most votes wins!

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