Check out how MIA Shoes does fabulous on-the-go style without giving up comfort! MIA Heritage Sea Find yourself dashing from spin class to the board room? Chasing down the express bus headed across campus? Or maybe you’re on-the-go all day running from the supermarket to little league soccer practice and then bedtime stories? Either way, most of us can’t imagine ourselves doing this in clothing and shoes that restrict us from moving as freely as we want. sea 2 Enter stage right: Athleisure, the buzzworthy trend that crept up on the fashion world last year and seemingly intends to never leave. A tribute to the active, healthy and comfortable lifestyle many of us are pursuing, the fashion world has responded by creating clothing and footwear that resemble your favorite activewear. Anything from designer brand sports bras made of luxe materials to jersey and leather-clad shift dresses, fit into Athleisure’s style spectrum. The MIA Heritage Sea, an obsession of our Fashion Director,Maria Strauss (check out Maria’s obsessions here), is your go-to Athleisure sandal. With all-leather straps and elastic bungee-style cords the Sea blends luxe materials with an athletic design. Pair the Sea with contrasting pieces for an all-around fabulous, activewear-inspired look. We suggest dressing it up with a pair of eyelet culottes and and a feminine top. MIA HERITAGE SEA MIA Heritage Sea details

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