At MIA Shoes, we always like to think ahead of the game. Especially, with our new collection taking us back to our roots. MIA Clogs are back! The 70’s trend has hit the runways during fashion week and street style stars just can’t get enough. VAMP Footwear sat down with CEO, Richard Strauss and his wife, Maria Strauss, fashion director here at MIA Shoes and asked them a couple questions on their latest collection. Read below!


VAMP’s article explains, “MIA is reminding the industry (and their original consumers) of its roots with a new collection based on the traditional Swedish clogs it launched with in 1976. The brand’s first steps were with clogs, which MIA Owner Richard Strauss said made a strong statement in the women’s footwear market back then. In fact, he said the company was selling more than 20,000 clogs a week well into the early 1980s.”

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“The collection is modernized with twisted leather details, versatile straps, higher heels and tractor bottoms, which Strauss said might appear trendy, but also hark back to MIA’s heyday in the ’70s. Black, red, bone and tan are key colors. Pared down packaging, complete with its own logo, gives the collection its own distinct feel from the rest of MIA’s range.”

mias-angels“Strauss says the MIA Clogs 1976 collection has been well-received with buyers, but will history repeat itself? During the height of MIA’s original clog business, another polarizing style—the Birkenstock sandal—was a hot item. “Clogs and Birkenstocks went hand in hand with the fashion of that time,” Strauss said. With Birkenstock’s resurgence in the market, spurred on by designer knock-offs, a flood of fashion stories hating on it (and then loving it), strong sales at independents and its association with ’70s style, many footwear brands are hoping for clogs to have a similar fate for Spring ’16.”

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