Start the new year off on the right foot with the help from your friends at MIA Shoes as we share our favorite ways to boost your health, mind, and style for 2017!new-year-new-you


New year resolutions are always hard to keep which is why we want to help you find a way to easily make them a part of your lifestyle - by incorporating three easy factors into your life...


Include some fashion forward and wellness ideas with a twist of creativity into your new year with our own 2017 MIA Survival Kit to help you effortlessly breeze through the year with style and grace!

2017 Survival Kit Includes:

Ruffles, Ruffles, and More Ruffles: According to our favorite fashion news source  WhoWhatWear, this trend will be the one you'll see the most come spring. And yes, whether it's multi-tiered or abstractly accented, expect everyone to be wearing it through out 2017.

Get Tidy: For those non-neat freaks but looking to make room for all the new stuff 2017 will bring, invest in a quirky hook bar to make space.  Perfect for clothes, bags, even your jewelry and accessories! Dive into the world of Etsy and take your pick from countless of home made variations.

Patch It Up: Give your old clothes new life this year with a simple touch of embellishment. First it was pins and now we're onto patches! From peace-yielding fingers to emoji-inspired faces, they're a fun addition to DIYing.

Channel The Blues: Incorporate Pantone's Niagra, Hue of the {Spring} Season, into your upcoming wardrobe. Not only is it soothing, but it'll have us daydreaming of the beach days soon to come.

An Apple A Day: Did you know that a spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar will make the hunger go down! What could be better than that? Available at most grocery stores, the detoxifying blend can also help keep kidneys clean, but mainly helps you start the day on a clean note.

mia amanda scalloped flat

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XO, MIA Shoes

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