Now that 2018 is officially here it’s time to set resolutions for the new year! Whether your excited to start planning new trips or anxious about jumping on the scale, new year resolutions can leave you a bit anxious for the new year. So today we’re sharing just a few things the team at #MIAShoes hopes on following through this year - starting with our closets!


Some might say time is money, but for the ladies it also means space! Although some (city) gals might not have the space to cram their corners, it's important to have a clear space in your living space... to allow space for new purchases (see what I did there)! And yes, sometimes our closets can be quite overwhelming, but trust me, there’s no greater satisfaction than having your closet clean and cohesive and seeing where the money goes. But, if you're like me, you might have a harder time distinguishing what’s worth keeping and what’s worth tossing! For instance, if you have any article of clothing or accessory and can’t remember using it in the last two years, perhaps it’s time to retire them. Or if you have any item that you keep putting off wearing because they’re still a little too tight or not comfortable enough for all day wear, it just might be worth giving them a new, second home.  When done and done though, you’re sure to have a little extra space for a bright new purchase.   SystemizeStorage After you’ve cleared and cleaned any unwanted soles in your closet, look at your shoe collection and try to organize your solemates in a way that you can find them - and put them back - as easily as one should.  Maybe it’s about investing in a simple shoe rack or organizing your most precious styles in clear boxes so as to keep them safe, but easily visible (I’ve often found if I put shoes in a black boxes, I often forget about what’s inside) so that the next time you have a particular occasion, they’re not taken out of the running simply because you didn’t spot them to begin with. For some serious closet envy and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board dedicated to The Art of Shoe Closets.   SureItFits We’ve all been there before… You’re in the store trying on the shoes you’ve been eyeing online for quite some time but feel like it’s just a bit snug at the toes.  And then the salesperson comes back to tell you that the size you're wearing is the last. It might be your dream shoe, but if the size isn’t the perfect fit, take a pass! There’s no sense in spending well-earned money just to sit on the floor of your closet where you’ll probably end up forgetting all about them (oh the woe, how many times I’ve done this!). Your feet with also thank you because no one likes being stuffed into a cramped situation, even on the most casual - or dressiest - occasions.   TakeRisks When cleaning out your closet try to see if you notice any kind of pattern of the items your tossing out… Ask yourself, why? Is it because your bored of always trotting around in your basic black flats? Why not take a step out your comfort zone this year and opt for something a little bit more daring; ballerina flats in a bold animal print or spruce up your sneaker game for a pair of embellished trainers with flower appliques. Live dangerously, it's 2018!   ShoeLove Whether your constantly in toe-peeping heels or straining your legs in uber high heels, make sure to always take care of your feet! If you plan on showing them off make sure toes look pretty and spruce them up with a pretty polish; if you’re on your feet for most of the day, pamper those stems with a good foot massage and some moisturizer. Course, not everyone has the funds to treat themselves to a spa-day so find a good alternative that fits within your budget.  Whether that’s by doing your own mani/pedi with close friends or simply investing in some good foot detox pads to drain the toxins right out from under you, each is step in the right direction for giving your footsies that much needed extra love in the new year!

Here’s to a healthier, happier, and foot-friendly 2018

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