Meet the newest addition to the MIA Shoes Brand Ambassador Program, Eva Catherine. The California native has been seen wearing some of our favorite styles. Eva mentions in her blog,

"I am so excited to share my love of fashion, modeling, and beauty advice with you! I have experience in front of and behind the camera as a model and a director/stylist/MUA, and am stoked to give you some insight on the biz. I am also designing my own Eva Catherine Signature Collections with a few companies, so keep your eyes out!"

Meet-Eva_cropped                   Describe your style in a few words. What is your favorite style shoe and how does it reflect your personal style?
I’d describe my style as bohemian contemporary. I absolutely love my MIA Glitterati gladiator sandal. Wear it all the time, especially since its always hot here in Cali and I can get away with it in the “winter”.
What are your plans for the holiday season?
I plan to fly to Texas for a wedding, then snowboard in Big Bear :). I’m getting a cabin for a huge photo shoot, and am beyond stoked.
How will you style your favorite MIA's from day to night this fall?
For holiday parties, I would choose the: MIA Gambit; it adds a country boho touch to your holiday dress, the MIA Mona in burgundy because it screams holiday party to me, and the MIA Shawna with a pair of knee high socks and a cute casual dress.
TheGambit_cropped                                 Tell us your favorite trend for this fall season… (Does not have to be about shoes!)
My favorite fall trend has to be lace up body suits with skirts and some gorgeous over the knee suede boots. Sometimes a pink faux fur jacket to add for colder days :).
Tell us why you picked your MIA Shoes…
MIA shoes totally embodies my style. I’ve loved them since the day I stumbled across their Insta, and I love how they change to have the best seasonal shoes. Most of their shoes transition very well, which is another reason they’re an all time fave!
Below, Eva wears our MIA fringe styles: the MIA Lindsie and the Coty (no longer available, but similar here). Eva-loves-Fringe_cropped

Learn more about Eva Catherine (here).

XO, MIA Shoes


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