The New Year is still fresh in our minds. Positive thoughts about a prosperous 2015 are everywhere. People are making lists and plans of action for their resolutions. Everyone is looking forward to their fresh start with brand new goals for the year. But let’s be honest for just one moment, just like anything else…that fresh or new feeling can rub off rather quickly. How can we stay excited about the New Year and keep our goals well into 2015 even when it’s not new anymore? Check out some tips on how to stay excited about your goals in 2015. Create a goal that has a deeper meaning to you: Your goals for 2015 should have reasons behind them, reasons that are so important to you that they motivate you for change. Think about your goals and determine why they are significant to your life. Use the reasons behind your goals to motivate you and excite you beyond January. Set a goal that is challenging but realistic: You should be able to believe that you can achieve the goals you’re setting. Create a goal that will challenge you, not one that seems impossible. Goals aren’t meant to be discouraging, they’re meant to be accomplished. Share your goals with others! One of the best things you can do is share your goals for 2015 with someone who will offer supportive words and advice or stand right next to you working on their own goals. Find an accountability partner, a coach or mentor who will discuss your progress with you, offer support and help you stay on track. Know your accountability partner’s goals as well so that you encourage and motivate each other while working on your goals, like the Buddy System! Keep your resolution alive long after the “newness” of the New Year rubs off, by using these tips to remain excited about your goals. - See more at:

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