And the biggest wave of nostalgia to hit the fashion scene since the most recent 90’s driven trends are… WHITE BOOTIES. Fashion girls can’t get enough of the go-go boot look and neither can we! Take We Wore What’s, Danielle Bernstein’s uniform Labor Day faux pas look for a spin with the MIA Priscilla.

white boots trend go go mod styleThe 60s Mod look is back and better than ever! As fashion forward footwear gals, we all know anything goes in the fashion world these days. Take your favorite it girls for instance... rocking the white bootie trend from fall all the way to summer!

white boots trend go go mod style

We Wore What is the prime example of the boot trend that has not faded off! This IT Chick has been sporting white footwear for some time now and makes it her go-to look. Get the GO-GO look like Danielle (here).

white boots trend go go mod stylewhite boots trend go go mod styleFrench fashionista, Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere), has also been spotted on the go-go sporting the trend all year round!

white boots trend go go mod style

Blame it on Balenciaga or Celine for bringing back the mod-inspired styles are especially popular for fall 2017.

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XO, MIA Shoes

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