If you’re into social media, you definitely know about the famous “Selfie” picture’s (Kim Kardashian is the queen of the selfie picture pose). We got some good ideas from our friends over at Who What Wear on how to take some of the best shoe selfies out there! Scroll down for some serious tips and tricks on how to master the “Shoe Selfie”. Model wearing the Mia Limited Edition Bambinaa heels image Always accessorize! Make sure to hold a clutch, or show off your arm party. Don’t forget the decorations on the floor to make a pretty background. image The surface you’re standing on is just as important as your adorable shoes for adding visual interest to the photo. Look for tiles (we especially love hexagon tiles for a cool minimalist look), brick, or patterned rugs are great too. image Make sure to not have all your foot veins popping out. Take 30 seconds to lay down and put your legs in the air so that the veins drain and they wont be popping out. image Make sure your feet are lined up evenly. To do so, use the grid overlay on your smart phone for best results. image If the shoes are cute, snap them! Tip: But first, make sure you treat yourself to a pedicure! image It might sounds silly, but try sticking your butt out while you take the photo to make your legs look best. (pictures are from Who What Wear)

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