Make Your Point

This trend has only gotten stronger since its first time on the streets. Aside from the comfort factor, the best part about this look is that it’s something you can wear during spring, fall and winter as well!


Flats are essential in every fashionistas wardrobe. That’s why we love our Mia Limited Edition Sweetness flat.



These spring flats are on point and holding their own against even the sexiest stilettos. This season’s pointy flat is equal parts comfortable and chic. So much so, that the traditionally casual style can finally be considered formal.


Loving this animal print pointy toe flat that gives character to your everyday monotone look. Shop more animal print flats here


You’ll love the casual comfort of the pointy toe flat as much as you love the comfort and casual feel of your denim. Flats and boyfriend jeans? Yes, please!


Loving blogger Chriselle Lim, from The Chriselle Factor and her classic Chanel tweed jacket and denim, with of course- the pointy toe flat.

For a more affordable look, we turn to this tweed jacket from Express here



  1. I totally agree with you that leproad can and should be paired with anything and everything. A pop here, a bang there. As much as I love leproad I can’t believe I haven’t grabbed some of these yet. They are on my list though. XO

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